Queue Management

A negative return code. The integrity of the queue manager is preserved. Note when you run the cowl exits in a separate process produces an additional load on the system, the may affect performance. Almost enter to fast if the customer queue management system cluster exit in the queue manager process to be integrated. Changing series configuration file chapter. Series configuring when this option improves performance because the additional system loads that occur during queue management software free an execution in safe mode, be avoided; however, this happens to the detriment of the integrity the queue manager. Therefore, you should exit the cowl only in fast mode run, if you are certain that it is in no problem's connection with the cowl exit there, and a serious deterioration performance notice. If an error occurs during the execution of cowl exits in fast mode, proposes the queue manager is absent, and there is a risk that the integrity of the queue manager will be damaged.

How to find the right queue management for your specific product(service).

The stanza log defaults the stanza log defaults are the default queue management log attributes for the node at. The protocol attributes when you create a queue manager as defaults used, but can be overridden by the protocol attributes the command to specify crt. For a description of this command, see (create queue manager) art on page th once a queue manager has been created, the log attributes for this are queue manager read from its log stanza in file. The default prefix attribute in the stanza allqueuemanagers and the attribute log path in the stanza log defaults allow for the queue manager and for its protocol specify different physical drives. This method is recommended, although it is by default on the same drive information to calculate the log size, see log size calculate on page th note cancellation referred to in the following parameter list limitations is it series limitations. The maximum log size can be reduced by operating system limitations become log files are the log files for when creating later use are applied. There must be at queue management software least two primary log files, their maximum number is. The default values.

The total number of primary and secondary log files must note exceeded and not less than. This value can when creating the queue manager by the parameter the command will be overwritten log files are created when the storage area in the primary log files is exhausted. There must be at least a secondary log file exists, the maximum number is. The default value is. The total number of primary and secondary log files must note exceeded and not less than. Changing series configuration file series for opens alpha, version release system administration this value can when creating the queue manager by the parameter ls crt the command will be overwritten. Logfilepages number the log data is stored in a protocol type sequence of files, log files, stored. The log file size is specified in units of kb pages.

Queue management system journal

In series for the default number of log files is, which corresponds to a log file size of mb. The minimum number of log file pages island the maximum number the value can when creating the queue manager by the parameters of the of command be overridden linear the attribute logotype the protocol type to be used is (cyclically or linear) defined. The default is circular (cyclically). Circular enter this value when a restore after restart is to be started, wherein the protocol is queue simulation software used to transactions reset, which had not been completed when the system was stopped. A detailed explanation of the cyclical logging, see under cyclic logging on page nd linear enter this value when you want to use both, both the recovery after restart and recovery over media or forward recovery (creating lost or damaged view more data by re execution of the logged actions). A detailed explanation of linear logging, see linear logging on page rd to change the default protocol type, you can logotype attribute in the file edit. Alternatively, you can change the default value override by crt in command parameter ll for linear logging specify. You can not change the logging method, after a queue manager has been created. Logbufferpages |the storage capacity assigned as a buffer for writing records is, is configurable. The size of the buffer is measured in units of indicated. The minimum number of buffer pages is and the maximum number nd larger buffers lead to higher throughput, especially for very long messages. The default number of buffer pages is, which corresponds tomb.